The Music
30 Years Gone

Presenting the first single from my solo instrumental effort. This song was started way back in 1983 and was one of the first riffs I ever wrote. I finally finished it in 2013....30 Years Gone.

Just Digging

A guitar driven song that mixes modern beats with classic riffing. Overdriven guitar tones prevail as the end turns into a round (like row your boat) where the two main riffs intertwine with the solo to create a wall of sonic nirvana.

Gray Area

This instrumental starts out innocently enough with super clean guitar tones and melody. It slowly builds to a feverish pitch with a gut-wrenching guitar solo crescendo.


A rock-fusion number with blusey overtones and a vintage vibe. Features guest musician-keyboardist Don Williams Sr., formerally of the Commodores. He rips a great solo that lends a jazz touch to the seering guitar melodies and pulsing beat.

Paper Cut

A gritty, overdriven rocker. Enough said.

Jagged Truth

An acoustic guitar theme runs throughout this moody, powerful ballad. Organic electric guitar melodies sit atop a lazy bass and drum line to create a uniquely authentic instrumental.

More Songs Coming Soon!

Check back for more songs that I will be posting here as they become available.

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Whats New

It's Official!

3 singles now available for download in all online stores.

Just Released!

Announcing the release of my third video and single, "Jamboree".

Over 6 weeks in post-production has resulted in a great video to support my newest release. Featuring guest musician-keyboardist Don Williams Sr., he really shines on this vintage rock-fusion instrumental with a solo on his stand-up Roland keyboard stick. This video is a must-see and destined to become a classic.

Single available for download right now!

Watch the Video on my YouTube Channel!

New Website!

Announcing the launch of my brand new website to showcase my latest solo instrumental project. It features sound samples from all the songs, video links and downloadable singles.

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About Me

A professional musician for over 30 years from the Cleveland Oh. area, music has been the only constant throughout my entire life. Begining with piano lessons at age 10, I would convince my piano teacher to teach me Kiss songs….much to her dismay. I then sat 2nd chair on the alto saxophone in grade school band which progessed to first chair baritone sax in the invitation-only highschool jazz band. All along my desire to play the guitar and rock hard overtook my piano and horn section beginnings. Learning to play "Iron Man" and "Smoke on the Water" was the breakthrough I needed to continue learning and mastering guitar.

After many years of bands, studio work and original projects the result is my solo instrumental effort. Relying on my strengths of riff writing, recording and producing, I have put together some of the best work of my entire career. Not trying to write "Hit's" or play any certain styles allows me to just play…and I am often surprised at what comes out. The result is an eclectic mix of instrumental music that ranges from heavy rock to kinda' funky to smooth and groovin'. I am excited to share this music with you and thanks for checking me out!